TOGU GmbH was founded in 1956 by two brothers, Toni Obermaier and Gust Obermaier. The original idea came from Gust Obermaier, who wanted to create a ball that would consist of a single piece, avoiding the use of bias lines and glue in the manufacturing process. The company name is derived from the first letters of the brothers' first names. Today, this family business has grown into a stable and stable market leader in the production of health, fitness and sports equipment.

TOGU, as a brand, is based on quality, tradition, security and continuous development.

Made in Germany - All TOGU products are manufactured in a factory in Germany, ensuring consistent and stable quality. All production processes are strictly controlled, with continuous investment in product safety and innovative product development.

TOGU's main focus is on the production of special types of balls and air-filled exercise equipment, so safety is the highest priority in product development. The majority of gymnastics balls feature the patented ABS® anti-burst system. The ABS® system is based on the patented material CRYLON, which prevents the ball from bursting with a bang and allows the ball to slowly deflate. TOGU gymnastics balls with the anti-blast system are safe and comfortable to use in all situations - especially for children, women with children and the elderly.

TOGU has 12 patents and over 100 trademarks. Ongoing product development is carried out in collaboration with the best trainers and experts in physiotherapy, medicine and sports science. There is continuous and stable cooperation with selected partners worldwide.

The production process of TOGU products complies with the most stringent environmental protection requirements. Long-life products significantly reduce production resources, and any defective products are all recycled. The products are free of phthalates, heavy metal residues, hazardous dyes and fragrances.

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