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PINO began its activities in 1904 in the wooded mountain region of the Schwarzwald in southern Germany. In the midst of the wonderful nature there, under the leadership of Michael Reith, the production of essential oils was started, initially with the introduction of pine oil. In 1907, the founder's son, Hermann Reith, continued the development and launched PINO's legendary brands SILVAPIN® and PINODOR®. Under these brands, high-quality additives for therapeutic baths, therapeutic sauna essences and skin-conditioning shower waxes are being produced. Today PINO GmbH is the European market leader in the production of balneotherapy, i.e. medical bath oils, sauna essences and massage products (LIQUIDERMA® brand).

The LIQUIDERMA® trademark was introduced in 1922 and, through product development and refinement, the company has achieved massage oils, emulsions and creams of the highest quality and world renown. All products are dermatologically tested, with skin caring ingredients. The most popular range is the SENSITIVE range (hypoallergenic, free from colourants, fragrances, preservatives and emulsifiers), designed for particularly sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. The best choice for the massager's delicate cuticles.  Other ranges.

In 1970 PINO was the first company to start producing fango paraffin, laying the foundations for a production line of thermal treatments. Today, the PINOTHERM® brand offers a wide range of thermal therapy products and accessories for every situation.

In 1976, the Olympic year, PINO introduced the new PINOFIT® brand. The range includes a variety of high-quality physiotherapy and sports equipment (gymnastics equipment, gymnastics balls, modelling tools, sports massage equipment). The PINOTAPE® brand is used for the production of sports and kinesiology tapes, which, as a result of continuous product development, are highly appreciated by physiotherapists all over the world. The tapes have been developed with skin-friendliness and durability in mind, even in the most extreme conditions. Courses for experts in physiotherapy, myology, occupational therapy and taping are constantly being organised.

Since 1994 PINO GmbH belongs to the Schwarzkopf family. Development of NATURAL THERAPY SPA products started. 100% natural health-oriented expert body care at the highest level. Exclusive massage oils, skin toners, massage candles in the range. Carefully selected plant extracts and essential oils are used in the manufacture of the products. All products are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, PEG emulsifiers, mineral oil. The products are dermatologically tested in an independent laboratory.  In addition to high quality product development, continuous training is provided in the field of massage and welness spa concepts. The basis of the teaching - harmony between body, mind and spirit.

In 1999, the production and development of anatomical mattresses started. The PINO mattress range offers the best pillow for a good quality of sleep according to the individual, the sleeping position and possible problems. In 2002, the patented four-chamber REHA-COMFORT pillow was created, which allows the pillow's different chambers to be filled according to the individual's needs - allowing each mattress to be personalised.

High quality production (ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification since 2002; FSC certified products, MADE IN GERMANY quality label on products), well developed logistics with selected partners in 34 countries, loyalty of employees and caring relationships reflect PINO's approach to its business.

PINO contributes to expanding knowledge to be the best bridge between natural healing and man - creating the best for man means respecting nature.

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